REI Scorecard Brand Mark Real Estate Investors - Download A Free KPI Tracking Spreadsheet Template

Track & Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

Track your visitors, leads, and deals won in a simple spreadsheet that automatically calculates your conversion rate and ROI.

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KPI Tracking Spreadsheet Template

Manually put in your marketing spend and results and this spreadsheet will help you see trends month over month. Find areas where you are above and below your target metrics.

What's included in the template?

  • Documentation on how to use the spreadsheet
  • A place for your marketing key performance indicators
  • A scorecard view
  • Charts that show month over month effectiveness
  • Example data to see how the spreadsheet should look
  • Coming soon...a way to automate the data into the spreadsheet
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See Your Data In Charts

Want to see your data visually? When you input your data into the KPI view you will automatically see graphs created showing monthly trends

You can rearrange these charts and remove the ones that aren't critical in making marketing decisions. Optimize where you spend your time and money.